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Most surname projects begin with the objective to identify others who are related; throughout the project other objectives are achieved as a result of the testing. There are a number of reasons behind the idea. As you have realised this website is about the Dawkins name. But, as time goes by more and more information about the is being uncovered by myself and others whilst researching their own families. This has led me to think how many are connected across the country or countries. Research has found that there are 7 distinct groups of Dawkins. Anyone with a Dawkins surname is welcome to join the project. I would like to hear from you if you're interested. Read through the FAQs if you're interested. The basis behind the testing is that male yDNA mutates very slowly over the years so it is highly likely that a male Dawkins has the the same yDNA as his great great grandfather and so on further back in time. Please also read the False Paternal Events page.

DNA Project Objectives
Although genealogy is an interesting pursuit there comes a time when the paper trail becomes cold or difficult to progress any further. Hence the Dawkins DNA Project. The participants have formed into 7 distinct genetic groups.

Most surname projects begin with the objective to identify others who are related; throughout the project other objectives are achieved as a result of the testing.

The Project Objectives are.....

  1. Identify others who are related
  2. Prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors.
  3. Solve "brick walls" in your research.
  4. Determine a location for further research.
  5. Validate existing research.
  6. Develop a DNA database for future researchers.

During my research for example, I've discovered in Stapleford Abbots, Essex England, two families with the name of Dawkins yet both appear to be unconnected via a paper trail. Also there were a large number of Dawkins living and coming from the Rodings of Essex some 10 miles away from Stapleford Abbots and despite the same surname appear not to be connected genetically.

The county of Essex had quite a large community of Dawkins all coming from an area of 20 miles radius of Stapleford Abbots yet so far seemingly to be unconnected. Does this apply also to Dawkins in other countries? The results so far seem to confirm this, so more participants are needed. Also it has been found that the Dawkins from White Roding are genetically connected to the Darkings of Cambridgeshire & Suffolk.

DNA testing can prove or disprove connections between Dawkins branches or Dawkins families in the same area. We know from those who have participated so far that not all Dawkins in the UK are connected. However we have had some success with the Dawkins in the USA a number of whom appear to have descended from the same ancestor. But they have not found his connection back to the UK at this moment. Yet a further group tested has connected to a Dawkins in Australia. This participant has traced his ancestry back to the UK.

If you are a male Dawkins or a female Dawkins with access to a male Dawkins DNA, please consider joining the project. Clicking this link will take you to the registration page. Please view the FAQs if you have any questions.
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